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If you're asking yourself, "Is it time to start my college planning yet?" I assure you the answer is YES.
Not just any college,
the RIGHT college

You could just apply to the colleges you've already heard of or the ones with big-deal sports teams. You could just apply to the Cal States and hope you get in somewhere. You could just take a friend's word for it that such-and-such college is "really good, you should go there." 

But why would you do any of that when I can help you find the colleges that are actually right for you??

Crystal Reed, College Counselor
About me, 
Crystal Reed, M.A.

Since 2003 I've been

successfully helping high

school and transfer students on the Westside of L.A. figure out "what's next" and how to get there.

For 11 years I worked as a full-time college counselor in a high school, which gave me the depth and breadth of experience that now allows me to serve my private clients thoroughly and efficiently. I also have extensive experience with the needs of learning difference and homeschooled students.

My college counseling and counseling psychology backgrounds, combined with my enthusiasm for helping young people, make me the right choice for your college planning needs.  

What kind of stuff can
Crystal help me with?

In our meetings, I will assess your current situation and provide precisely the information and support you need to move forward! Our sessions will always focus specifically on what you need so we aren't wasting any time or money.


This may include:

  • clarifying your application timeline and process

  • identifying "good match" colleges

  • discussing financial aid options

  • helping you choose a major

  • information about gap years

  • working on your applications together 

  • essay prep and editing

  • figuring out standardized testing

  • understanding what colleges want from applicants

  • getting clear about the differences between high school and college

  • and anything else relevant to a your unique goal and circumstances

You'll be amazed how much we can get done each hour if you just follow my lead!

Let's get started.

Email me today!





Most of your applications open




I can help with college research,

essay prep, etc.


Contact me now 

to figure out which colleges

will be the best for you.

Let's do this!


And EVERYONE needs to remember: This is just what you're trying next.

You can always change if you need to.

Be honest and aware of yourself.


     Truth is, I wouldn't be at UC Berkeley if I hadn't worked with Crystal.



— Hannah (student)

      Crystal is warm, caring, highly professional, and really knows her stuff. She offered invaluable advice about every aspect of the transfer process. I give her my highest recommendation.



— Amy (parent)

     Crystal had the answers I needed and I quickly fell in love with the school she recommended for me.



— Kevin (student)

     Crystal demystifies the college process so her students can focus on feeling successful when their dreams become reality.



— Beth (parent)

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